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Writing When You’re Not Sad

How do people write when they’re not sad? The day when you’ve just busted your ass at the gym and took shit from the guy in the treadmill next to … Continue reading

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Andrew Dawson: Man Vs. Beast

“What is the difference between man and beast? Man differs from the animal by the fact that he is a killer; he is the only primate that kills and tortures … Continue reading

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Stop Lying, Goddammit

Most of the things we do are utterly hypocritical of what we teach our children. Lying is an especially pertinent example. Don’t lie, we tell them. Honestly and loyalty and … Continue reading

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Andrew Dawson: Life: A Maze of Wires

Life is a maze – a confusing place full of an astronomical amount of overwhelming choices. For a moment, imagine all the possibilities that could happen in your life. Imagine … Continue reading

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Andrew Dawson: Occupy Yourself – Not The Streets

At the heart of each conflict are two predictable polar opposites – the aggressor and the defense. Pick any conflict in history and you will be amazed that this holds … Continue reading

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When Girls Shit on Girls

I personally believe that girls shitting on girls is worse than anyone else shitting on girls. In the land of dicks, population: humanity, dropping a big fat deuce on a … Continue reading

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